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Born May 15, 1875 in _lapanice by Brno, Alois Kalvoda was a painter and graphic artist in Prague. He came from a poor family endowed with many children. Of pupil of the Prague Academy from 1892-1897, he learned under the tutelage of Professor Julius Ma_ák. In 1900, Kalvoda spent time in Paris and on the Marne. The next year he moved onto Munich, but still was active in Prague and B_ha_ov. He departed from Ma_ák‘s school course; from painting melancholy landscapes, and his creation leaned towards a decorative apprehension of the landscape as to its color and motif, too. He painted simple motifs of the Czech country with a broad bold brush using bright and merry colors. He painted meadows, hillsides, and birches, outlooks to the country between trunks of trees standing in the foreground or background of hillsides. His outstanding works originate from Rohatec, Strá_nice, and B_eclavsko. He was a landscape painter with temperament; an impressionist of Slaví_ek‘s and Hude_ek‘s company.
After the premature death of Lud_k Marold in 1898, Kalvoda took his roomy studio in Vinohrady where many of his disciples worked from 1900 under his guidance. _indlerová, Cerhová, Váchal, N_mec, Kreibich, Benka and others graduated from his school. Soon he painted a long series of illustrations to different works, from Buchlov (B. Ko_í), to the album Czech Switzerland. In 1908, he became editor of the magazine Dílo, where he contributed literarily, particularly by reviews of exhibitions and work of Czech artists. See for instance in Dílo (VIII, 1911) his salient literary work "Compendious Characteristics of 24 Contemporary Artists". Another remarkable work is his "Memories", from 1932. Alois Kalvoda passed away on June 25, 1934.Pukl,

Jaroslav (1893 –
He was born in Prague. A pupil of both Prof. Jaroslav Setelik and Josef Madl. He worked on the exterior of Bitov with Roman Havelka on the Dyje river. Worked in the region of Chodsko, in Bohemian paradise and Moravia. He exhibited in the Czech cities of Klatovy and Mlada Bolesla. Some of his works include: Kuneticka hora , Castle Stramberk, On The Dyje river, Lane in the city Tabor. Also created were many portraits and motifs from Old Prague in the regions of Chodov and Bitov.

Bakla, Emanuel (1878 – 1943)
He was born in Prague. A pupil of both Prof. Pirner and Brozik at the Academy of Fine Arts. Mostly painted baroque Prague motifs and their charms he captured on larger canvases depicting views of Prague hillsides and the Charles Bridge.

Cerny, Bedrich (1889- )
He was born in Vienna, Austria
Painted in Prague. In 1914 he graduated from art school in Prague where he was the pupil of Prof. Masek. He continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts under Prof. Pirner and graduated in 1919. Mostly painted original watercolor renditions depicting motifs from Old Prague and the interiors of churches. He also painted the interior of St. Vitus on the occasion of the millenium of this particular cathedral in 1929. At the exhibition "Artists for the nation" (1943) he exhibited his tempura paintings Marionette Backstage

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Alois Kalvoda

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